Hi All!

I've got the full songtext but still don't know the track. Please help me!
Here it is:
Booties are pumpin'... who is live... when the party's jumpin'! Keep on jumpin', let your body fly, everybody pumpin' till you see the sun in the sky. Keep on jumpin', let your body fly, everybody pumpin' till the morning light. Check out the funk get ready and don't forget that body slam is a dance a new sound that keeps hitting on your head with the pound of a kick drum slammin' You're hungry for the beat, like a count three and four, there is no basic no outta style just a concept pop and flip then bump so on your step, swing your body right to left, can't reverse it, no rehearsal. Keep on... You're coming to the door like I see a sort of battalion just to get on the dance floor, sweat on your brow, Speech is rare when the deejay's there then you just start moving to the groove with the funk so smooth, chasing hard your dreams of a star, doing that kind you're blinded by a motion a wax potion love mix emotion Keep... Who is live... when the party's jumpin'! The groove is kind of dope so dance and don't sleep, you got to twist your body to the funky hype beat, cause it's hitting kind of hard, hear the drums and the guitar, keep your feet happy and your face will only smile. Out of control can't hold so come on now, no steps to follow just flow with the crowd, obligation is the fact and I need it in my program slam is the dance by the sounds in the band. Keep...