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Silk Sofa is proud to welcome back the Finnish brothers DJ Orion & J.Shore, who have provided us with a gorgeous 3-track EP. They have had successful releases on labels such as Solaris, Mango Alley, and Lost Language, and while their tracks there have been released with accompanying remixes, it's now time for their very first single EP to maximize the exposure of these great talents. The mighty "Your Highness" consists of stunning harmonies that really express this majestic feeling you get when listening to the song. The vast array of strings, piano riffs, and pizzicatos in the background all form a pleasant and unique soundscape, and it's difficult to get one's ears away from this.

A somber and haunting atmosphere introduces "Deep Blue", and the floating cellos in the background help to enhance the soundscape even more. Halfway into the track, the energy builds to an unbelievably catchy and harmonic ambiance, supported by lush and frisky percussion elements.

A sublime intro starts off "When All The Ships Are Gone"; crickets, the wind in the background, and the charming piano line are just some of the ingredients here, and the various woodwinds and guitar notes add even more texture to the track. Imagine standing on a hill and looking at the sea – this is definitely the perfect "goodbye" song.

Cat#: SILKSF021
Release date: September 10th, 2010
Genre: chillout
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport exclusively

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 DJ Orion & J.Shore - Your Highness (Original Mix)
02 DJ Orion & J.Shore - Deep Blue (Original Mix)
03 DJ Orion & J.Shore - When All The Ships Are Gone (Original Mix)

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