Prepare your senses all you lovers of the magical, mystical and cosmic Psytrance music. Y-East returns from the hand of the international Psychedelic Trance record label Dinsha Prana records to present their second album ¨Liquid Energy¨edited in terminal audio hi quality. An exellent and impressive release making with great precision and quality in each of its producction. Y-East (Dj Hruscsov & Psylody) is one of the most known Psychedelic Trance live act formation in Hungary. Project that was founded in the begininf of 2007, but with an extended musician past and a great trajectoty within the stage around the world. The formation made more than 30 trakcs and several remixes in the last year, and they have been played in many Festivals, Open air Parties and Clubs. Making that all lovers of the real expression of the Psychedelic Trance dancing on dance floors. ¨Liquid Energy¨ offer you a Melodic Full On Music in live, that will you extend your mind to another dimension, creating an amazing Psychedelic atmosphere into the depths of our minds that we can never forget, with his incredible power, speed, imagination and a unique feeling of freedom in each song that let us remember the devine roots of Psychedelic Trance.

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