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Thread: John Calm & Matt Karrey - Revival (incl. SoundLift Remix) is OUT

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    John Calm & Matt Karrey - Revival (incl. SoundLift Remix) is OUT

    YouTube - John Calm & Matt Karrey - Revival (SoundLift Remix)

    Buy it from Beatport :

    New Polish duo Matt Karrey & John Calm is presenting their debut single "Revival" on Blue Soho and our main-head Pedro Martins a.k.a SoundLift joins the page with an epic remix!

    Original Mix

    You can instantly recognize the Polish sound on that track. Fast bassline, uplifting feeling from start and aggressive movements. On the breakdown, there is strong leads unusually instead of piano or violin. After braekdown, Revival does not lose its energy and shows me how an uplifting track should be.

    SoundLift Remix

    2010 is going great for SoundLift recently. After can not be ignored tracks such as "Live From Above" "Nakhti" , "My Garden", his enthusiasm on productions is rising fast. Now he presents his "Revival" Remix that takes the track to elsewhere. Remix starts very calming and its energy increasing exponentially till the breakdown. Everybody saw his old breakdowns that had epic feelings, and now this is another one. "Revival" is coming doubtless with natural sounds and after a devastating breakdown, he gives his original sound, and track does not finish like that, he uses original melodies when track comes to the end.

    Enjoy !

    Blue Soho 2010

    Supports : Manuel Le Saux, MIKE, Angel Ace, Ayas, BlueHawk, Club Nation, Crystal Clouds, D-Mark, Distant Identity, DJ Ange, Ernesto & Bastian, Estigma, Fast Distance, Joe Shadows, Jonas Hornblad, Karybde & Scylla, Lazarus, Matamar DJS, Matt Trigle, MIKE, Mohamed Ragab, Ozzy, Peter Patterson, Pizz@Dox, Ronald De Foe, SoundLift, Space Garden, Suzy Solar, Timo Prelle

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    Soundlift Rmx is wonderful!!!!

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