Hey folks,

I've uploaded a preview of my forthcoming 2010 remixes of the huge Diving Faces. The anthem was brought back in 2009 and given a new lease of life thanks to Atlantic Drift, the release went on to be featured in Mixmag and was also supported by Paul Van Dyk amongst many other huge dj's in the scene. I had the pleasure of remixing this in 2009 which was a huge opportunity and one I am still hugely thankful for to this day but I felt that I didn't really do the track enough credit,

Well the past couple of weeks I had been working on 2 new versions of the track, a more progressive and techy version and a melodic mix as well under my Oila Alio alias. After getting some fantastic news from Mike (one half of Atlantic Drift and co-owner of Ispirato Music) he loved the new versions and said they were probably the best remixes of it yet and also confirmed that this will be released on Ispirato Music.

Its a big milestone for the year because I've always loved the track and its a huge favourite of mine so its amazing to get such a trance to remix this, hopefully you will like it

YouTube - Atlantic Drift - Diving Faces | Liquid Vision 2010 Remixes

Many thanks in advance for taking the time too check it out!

Martin - Liquid Vision