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Thread: To flange or not to flange

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    Cool To flange or not to flange

    It's maybe a bit off-topic, but I found it an interesting find that DJs can try out theirselves. I stumbled upon it by accident when mistakingly mixing the same track twice.

    Song to use:
    Moonbeam & Tyler Michaud Feat. Fisher - Love Never Dies (Original Mix)

    How to get the effect:
    Play the track twice (overlapsing) and start both at the same time (exact) and you will become a kind of flange effect on the song without using effects... Then play with the volume of one of the two channels ...

    Pretty cool heh? :D

    Sample here:
    (first part is a piece of the original, second part is same piece but track played twice)

    BTW: Do you think DJs should use effects like flange (or other) while mixing? Personally I'd say NO. But let's hear it...
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    It is easier to use an effect , but still cool to find out in such a funny way.

    I guess it can sometimes be used to increase the thrill of a buildup towards the climax. But DJ's sometimes don't know the meaning of the word... sometimes Then they just keep flanging through their mixes.
    Then it kinda looses its power.

    Never use Flanger in a recorded set though, only live.
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