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Thread: Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes (Liquid Vision Remix)

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    Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes (Liquid Vision Remix)

    Hey all,

    I produced this remix pretty much as a bit of fun, I love the original but been looking for a different kind of track to play around with and well this was perfect timing. Really happy with how it turned out in the end and its had some fantastic reactions so far, honestly can't say thanks enough for the feedback its had, only fired it out a couple of days ago.

    Cool mix mate, will def support this. thx for sending.

    Ben Nicky
    full support will be playing this weekend

    Ashley Wallbridge
    Massive stuff man !!! Playlisted on episode 19 of his podcast

    Faruk Sabanci
    i love this bud, will play it on radio and live shows!

    Paul Trainer
    feelin this dude, nice rework! will fit nicely with my progier sets! 8/10

    Steve Anderson
    Great job man - it really works - cheers for sending :-)

    Indecent Noise
    Cheers mate! Not my style of playing on gigs but I would love to spin it on Noise Sessions next month! Thanks for sending, its lovely!

    Paul Webster
    going to test it this weekend

    I've uploaded a preview to my soundcloud which you can checkout here -

    liquidvisionofficial - Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes (Liquid Vision Remix) - SoundCloud

    If anyone wants a copy feel free too ask, many thanks again in advance if you check it out

    Martin - Liquid Vision
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    Wicked remix man. That bassline - WOW. I'd love a copy. |

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterMorgan View Post
    Wicked remix man. That bassline - WOW. I'd love a copy.
    ME too! huge REMIX

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    Hey folks,

    If anyone wants the full mix I've uploaded it onto my sendspace account which you can download here - Download Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes (Liquid Vision Remix) 320 Master.mp3 from - send big files the easy way

    I just want to take the time to say thanks for the huge response this remix has had, its now also being supported by Mark Sixma (M6) and Suzy Solar. It was supported on Episode 197 of Ernesto vs Bastian's show The Next Level. I also found out this week that my remix of Roger Shah Pres. Sunlounger - Acapuclo Waves was picked as one of the winning remixes, I am absolutely stunned and still in shock, its going to be out on the 25th of October. I will be uploading a small clip to my soundcloud/youtube during next week.

    Huge thanks to everyone for the continued support/feedback, means a lot guys so seriously thanks

    Martin - Liquid Vision

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    I've uploaded my Snow Patrol remix again for anyone that wants a copy, you can now check it out and download directly from my soundcloud page :D

    Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes (Liquid Vision Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by liquidvisionofficial on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    Massive support from Ashley Wallbridge, Mark Sherry, Mallorca Lee, Mark Sixma, Indecent Noise, Ben Nicky, Suzy Solar, Faruk Sabanci, Paul Trainer & more!

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