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[BRD028] D-Eye - Perfection/Call me is out now!

  • Perfection

  • Call Me

D-Eye - Perfection/Call me is now available in all major stores
Genre: Progressive House

This EP by Russian producer D-EYE, got massive support all around Russia and Ukraine. Also supported by: Progressive House World Wide (Krzysztof Jasik), Gene, Hans Tavera, Sasha LeMonnier

  • Hans Tavera: "Call me" has nice breakstop and lovely melody! 4/5 Support

  • Progressive House World Wide (Krzysztof Jasik) : Call Me - Great melodic progressive coming up, really like this one. Melodic and calm but at the same time very energetic. The break is awesome! Can't wait to play this. Thanks!
  • Progressive House World Wide (Krzysztof Jasik) : Perfection - Another huge one, Bomba signing quality once again! Thanks!"