ChunKi - Beauty of Nature

Take a pinch of Mozart's lightness of being, include a smattering of Chopinesque harmonic melancholy, add electronic arpeggios and what you get is simply unforgettable. You may be tempted to think the old masters have, indeed, leant a hand, but it is, of course, not so. Above its unrelenting danceability and unmistakeably contemporary feel, there always hovers, in the 'Beauty of Nature', a delicate touch of classical spirit. The listener cannot but feel, in our noisy world of technology, the natural still delicately intertwined with everything. In this musical creation, we could say, that amidst the mechanical the organic is always present.
If the melody falls silent, does nature disappear? Do we only live amongst artificial sounds? Of course not. We are there whether there are sounds or silence. So, too, is Nature. The 'Beauty of Nature' revels in this interplay between the manufactured and the natural.A gorgeous, uplifting Trance EP, over half an hour long, including the 11-minute 'Emotional-Remix' by Oceanic, a truly talented artisan in the garden of sounds.

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