Title: Diskoteka EP
1.We Love Disco
2.We Love Disco (Vocal Off Mix)
3.Suck My DJ
4.My Soul Is Your Soul

Label: Artefact Records
Available: Out now on Beatport, Stompy, and all other fine digital stores
Support by: Paul Thomas, Omid 16B, Nacho Marco, Sonny Wharton, Murray Richardson, Hippie Torrales, Tom Blacksoul,
Eddie Amador, Tony Thomas, Art Patrice, Da Funk, Audionova, Mr. Jones

Listen to the tracks included on Diskoteka EP by Angel Rize here

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Picture this. Filthy Disko. Lights, beams, speakers ON.
Mr. Rize in the house. Serving 2 crazy booty shaking, bursting with energy, jackin' groovey tracks.
The first one "We Love Disco" a bland of tech & disco sound based on solid beats with discofied
dirty swirls mixed with buttery bassline, and as if this is not enough the sexy filtered female
vocals give that final touch.
Next is "Suck my Dj" for which Rize mixes a fraction of the well known with the new, laid with
driving kicks, along with dirty, loopy funky sound all in one dope package.

They're crispy, catchy & fresh.
They're all you need to rock the party and are part of Rize's new project "Diskoteka EP".

But there's no party without the after party. Angel Rize has thought about that as well.
The last piece "My Soul is Your Soul" brings up a more soulful vibe, nicely fitted in an urban
background. It has something in the sound, that is hot & sexy, steamy deepness that creates
road maps to your ears, mind & soul. And apparently it tends to remain there.

Perfect prelude to another round of mind-blowing DISKO!!!

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