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Thread: Classified on 17-10-2010 (Special Edition)

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    Cool Classified on 17-10-2010 (Special Edition)

    Hey trance and AH.FM fans !

    Wow it has been a long time, but that's because I have been very busy!
    I'm very pleased to inform you my new website is finally getting somewhere (still working on it though)

    You can go check it out here

    All releases will soon be available on this website too, including some of the better works, which I have never posted on AH.FM...

    As for my new releases, I have been abscent for like 2 months due to some personal business, so I'm going to release two of them at them same time

    I can really recommend you White Mix 26 (made today)

    White Mix 25 (Anniversary Edition)
    Aka "Classified on 04-10-2010"

    Duration: 1h42m53sec
    Quality: 320Kbps

    01. Jorg Zimmer - Invitation (Original Mix)
    02. Sonic Element - Spirit Of Time (RAM Remix)
    03. Ellez Marinni - Tea & Lemon (Ellez Marinni Remix)
    04. Alexander Popov - Revolution In You (Main Mix)
    05. Existone - Obscure Rays (Original Mix)
    06. Armin Van Buuren - Orbion (Extended Version)
    07. Ernesto & Bastian - Hyper Globe (Original Mix)
    08. Ferry Corsten & Armin Van Buuren - Minack (Extended Version)
    09. Mac & Taylor - Dusk Till Dirt (Original Mix)
    10. Kenneth Thomas - Iron Sharpens Iron (Tempo Giusto Remix)
    11. Newton - 4 Seasons (Original Mix)
    12. Roger Shah & Tenishia - Catch a Cloud feat. Lorilee (Roger Shah Mix)
    13. Beat Service - Cut and run feat. Emma Lock (Ralphie B's Cut)
    14. Existone - Sunshower (Club Mix)
    15. Ronny K. - Atlantis (Nery Remix)


    Check out Welcome to
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service


    White Mix 26
    Aka "Classified on 17-10-2010"

    Duration: 2h
    Quality: 320Kbps

    This time I used some more classics (as requested), I hope you like it !

    1. Terry Numan - Project Medieval (Original Mix)
    2. Peter Lesko - Driven (Original Mix)
    3. As One Mr. Sam - Forever Waiting Feat. As One (Original Mix)
    4. P.H.A.T.T. - ISIS (Original Mix)
    5. Jan Wayne - Prosperity In A New World (Signum Remix)
    6. W&W & Leon Bolier - Saturn (Daniel Wanrooy Remix)
    7. DJ Cor Fijneman - Venus -Meant to be your lover- Feat. Jan Johnston (Tiesto Remix)
    8. Marcos - Future History (Substate Remix)
    9. Blue Space - Chaos (Original Mix)
    10. Der Mystik - Exotisk (Original Mix)
    11. Hoyaa - Orange Sky (Original Mix)
    12. Simon Hunt - Chosen (Original Mix)
    13. Solid Haze - Reduxed (Original Mix)
    14. Strobe - We are the future (Will Atkinson Remix)
    15. Virtual Vault - Request (Original Mix)
    16. Etienne Overdijk - Waste Land (Original Mix)
    17. Der mystik - Exotisk (Mindful Innovations remix)
    18. Mark Norman - Phantim Manor (Original Mix)
    19. Eyal Barkan & Yahel - Voyage (Magica Remake)

    Check out Welcome to

    Enjoy my music and as always comments are very welcome!

    Previous post can be found here
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    Great tunes, great sets
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeroA View Post
    Great tunes, great sets
    More to come on the website soon.

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