Paul Miller Vs Ronald de Foe - Music En Route 2nd E.P.

Label: Music En Route
Code: MER006
Releasedate: 08.11.2010 [ Exclusive]
Format: Digital

01. Ronald de Foe - Old Times
02. Paul Miller - ASD

This is a story about ourselves! That's how we can describe 6th release on our label!

Two top producers of polish trance scene met together and made a great second ep. Still don't know who's behind this project? Oh yes it's Mr Paul Miller and his team mate Ronald de Foe!

Paul's track called "ASD"is more uplifting one than Ronald's , a great energy vibe with top notch melody is all what we need! Classic JP 8080's leads moves us a few years back when trance had a best years!

Second track on a ep is Ronald De Foe's "Old Times" an another track that has a classic trance influence. This is is more techy in old good Ron Van Den Beuken style!

All in all this is massive ep for all real trancers on the earth! Well done guys!

YouTube - Paul Miller - ASD (Original Mix) [Music En Route]

YouTube - Ronald de Foe - Old Times (Original Mix) [Music En Route]