Hello everyone!

We would like to inform you about our 3rd release (first single with remixes) - Slang & Technodreamer – Falling (incl. Krum, Sol8 remixes),
which is out now today on Digital Sensation UK label.

For this release, DSUK strip things back a bit with a wonderfully slow-burning, atmospheric progressive breaks track "Falling" from Spring Tube label head Latvian DJ Slang and Lithuanian Technodreamer. Hungarian producer Krum and Japanese duo Sol8 are on remix duties with their own unique interpretations.

Slang & Technodreamer combine in their original to come up with a classic sounding progressive breaks track with tight beats and clean production at the forefront of deep, icy soundscapes. Flutters of melody, soothing synths and drones take you on a delicate descent into the depths of a snowy landscape. A track for chilling out to or as an intro to a deep, atmospheric set.

Hungarian producer Krum has already been making a name for himself on labels such as Morphosis and Ego Shot. Retaining the deep vibe of the original, he adds thumpier beats and a subtle oscillating bassline which, coupled with a beautifully atmospheric breakdown, builds on the cooling textures. A great track for bridging the transition from light to dark in progressive sets.

With only a handful of releases at present for labels such as Dusted Breaks, we were more than happy to help Japanese production duo Sol8 spread their unique sound. Keeping the melodics of the original, they turn up the temperature on this interpretation with crispy beats, spacey synths and a crunching, top end bassline. A great mixture of subtle synths and twisting textures really keep the listener interested!

Release is available @ BEATPORT and all your favourite download stores.

Thanks for your support!

Full-length HQ previews @ SoundCloud

Support from Retroid, Abdomen Burst, Kultur & Columbo, LuQas, Llupa, Ghettface, Refracture, Sketi, Yreane, Ian (Dead Famous), Jan (Lucky Break), Jaime (Pooty Club), Greg (VIM), Lee & John (Dusted Breaks), Ben Coda, Curl & Dean, Andy Faze & Daniel Mehes.


Ghettface: “Overall the original is my favorite, but it has to be said that the beat on that Sol8 remix is like BOOM! In the face!”

Yanix: “Nice release again, all three tracks are pretty cool. I'm gonna go with the original, though. Wicked atmosphere, deep bass, and trippy fx - really neat chill vibe! The Sol8 is pretty awesome with some sweet drum programming and wobble mid bass action while still retaining the nice atmosphere from the original”

John (Dusted Breaks): “Love the original, reminds me of Northern Exposure’s Expeditions album, which I have recently resurrected from my collection =) Sol8 mix is tip top in a completely different way. Will be supporting all three mixes, Sol8 for playing out, Orig/Krum remixes will be on radio rotation weekly.”

Daniel Mehes: “hohoo the Krum remix is wicked! =) a little deep with some hard beats! cool stuff”

Lee (Dusted Breaks): “Sol 8 all the way!!! Will play this to death I think”

Ben Coda: “Really feeling the original here...proper lush breaks!!”

Yreane: “Krum remix for me in this package. And Sol8 remix is also good after breakdown.”

Fletric: “Nice package mate!! All three tracks are rock solid. Original is soooo deep and i cant stop listening to it. I'm gonna be waking up in the morning with this track and it's gonna be ending most of my sets late in the night. Another standout here is Sol8 mix! This one is a true rocker and can be mixed at any point to boost up your set. Gonna keep an ear open for these guys!“

Refracture: “This is a great progressive release. The melodies and progression really resonated with me. All mixes are good and offer something different. DSUK continues to go strength to strength and this is no exception. A bit progressive for my sets but a very solid release!”

Kultur & Columbo: “Waaaooh ! The SOL8 remix is simply amazing ! A modern piece of Breaks. Support in our Metamorph Masterpieces Show (Mixcloud) in the next weeks and also in our live sets.”

Curl & Dean: “Original : Yeah man, nice a minimal but really effective, loving the sci fi Synths in this, i could hear this on a Sci Fi film anyday, i love because there's loads of room to breathe in the track.
Krum Remix : This is ok, it kinda just flow along, but dont hit me with a huge bang to the the heart strings.
Sol8 Remix : Again kinda just flows along but dont hit me for 6, sounds a bit to messy in parts for my delicate ears, not really my thing.
Out of this lot the original i will be playing for sure, this is really clean, so clean when i listened to it, it reminded me of ice =)”

LuQas: “Great stuff - supporting the Sol8 remix for sure =)”

Jan (Lucky Break): “Really like the release, especially the SOL8 Remix which kicks ass =)”

Sketi: “Great release this. I love the mellow feel the original has. But it has to be SOL8's remix for me. What a ripper. Great stuff and a great release all together. Full support.”

Ian (Dead Famous): “I’d say the original one here is my favourite. i wish the drums were a TOUCH bigger, but I can get into the tune regardless. This is so the stuff I’m glad you release.”