Gunslinger - Early Volumes 1 (Blitz Music 2010) - OUT NOW!

Artist: Gunslinger
Title: Early Volumes 1
Style: Trance / Electro / Rock

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1. Run For Your Life
2. Who Have You Been
3. Words
4. Unbreakable
5. Variation
6. Saving Your Heart
7. Gravity
8. Nothings Good Enough


Gunslinger - Early Volumes 1 (Blitz Music 2010)


Gunslinger is the new sound of alternative dance. With roots as a singer/songwriter and rock band front man, Gunslinger pairs past with present, blending classic song structure and vocals with years of professional electro and trance experience to create one of the most natural and creative sounds of any genre.
Gunslinger fires from an arsenal of varied influences and medium, with songs that electrify any venue, from dance floor to home stereo.

Gunslinger has opened for some of the biggest names in dance including Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk.
Signing with Coast ll Coast in '07 he started touring with Infected Mushroom.
In 2010 he teamed up with Blitz Music and Last Gang for the release his debut CD, "Early Volumes 1", an epic song oriented journey through the worlds of Electro, Trance and Rock.


Info, Sound & Order:

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