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Thread: The Orange - You Know This Story (Album) [Iji Recordings] [WORLD PREMIERE]

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    The Orange - You Know This Story (Album) [Iji Recordings] [WORLD PREMIERE]

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    YouTube - The Orange - You Know This Story (Official Album Sampler)


    “You Know This Story” is coming from no other than The Orange who also delivered the first single “Purple Sky” for Iji Recordings which saw a fair share of support on the radio airwaves. The album has already been released, and with great success, in Russia where The Orange hails from.

    Vasily has only been writing and composing since 2006 but has achieved a lot in this short amount of time; he's been behind anthems for massive festivals such as “Flash Supernew 2007” and “Arena the Drive 2009”. The debut album out in 2007 has brought The Orange the big success, having won respect from dance music fans and professional DJs and musicians alike. Furthermore his productions have seen support from the likes of Tiesto, Markus Schulz, Solarstone, Roger Shah, Mike Foyle, Airbase and 4 Strings.

    As a DJ he's played alongside worldwide known acts such as Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Faithless, Sister Bliss, ATB, Markus Schulz, Brian Cross, Mar-T and DJ Feel.


    The Orange starts out with an intro tune “Edem”. The soothing pads, lush vocal and the trancey synths sets the mood. Vasily makes a quick u-turn stylewize with the next track “Extra” which is pumping and techy. The techy frenzy continues with “Magik Music” which comes with vocals from the amazing K.I.R.A. who delivered the vocals for “Purple Sky”. A bit deeper, heavily relies on the sharp percussion and punchy bassline.

    Another style change, once again, into an electro tinged world. He ups the tempo with “Unhuman”; techy, dark and with a mysterious and captivating melody. “Not” rips it up with huge electro house sounds.

    This chapter of the album is the trancey one. The classy and stunning “Good Evening” has a warm bass, a great main lead and sparkling percussion to top it off. “You Know This Story” is all about the big bass and “Rainbow Inside Us” aims for the big rooms as well. “Purple Sky” which was released earlier in 2010 is also a part of the album; a brilliant vocal track which is not to be missed.

    The album is rounded off smoothly with 3 stunning tracks. I Have It For U progresses with thick pads and dreamy underlying melodies. Sky Windows is a feel-good downtempo trancer with a lovely main theme. This Beautiful World rounds it all off. A relaxed progressive trancer with lovely late night beach vibes!

    “Are U Ready For 2012” has its obvious trance influences but the bass hook is taken right out of an electro track. Proper buzz!

    Don't miss out the second album from this Russian talent!


    * 15 Minutes of Fame on Tiesto's Club Life featured
    * Solarstone International 230 tracklisted
    * Club Elite Sessions 173 with M.I.K.E
    * Played in GDJB with Markus Schulz


    Andy Perring / Pulser, After Meridian, Armin van Buuren, Benya, Dave Costa, Flash Brothers, Klems, M.I.K.E. / Push, Maarten de Jong, Manuel Le Saux, Mario Rybansky, Markus Schulz, Matt Darey, Mike Foyle, Mobilize, Ruben de Ronde, Sied Van Riel, Solarstone, Suzy Solar, Tempo Giusto, tyDi, Vadim Dreamer, XGenic and others.


    Artist: The Orange
    Label: Iji Recordings
    Cat#: IJIALBUM001
    Beatport date: 8 Nov 2010
    All stores: 22 Nov 2010

    01. Edem
    02. Extra
    03. Magik Music
    04. My Little Sad Cloud
    05. Unhuman
    06. Not
    07. Good Evening
    08. You Know This Story
    09. Rainbow Inside Us
    10. Purple Sky
    11. Are You Ready For 2012
    12. I Have It For U
    13. Sky Windows
    14. This Beautiful World
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