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Thread: Derrick S - Day & Night EP [Rbites Digital019]

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    Derrick S - Day & Night EP [Rbites Digital019]

    Derrick S new EP "Day & Night" is his third release on Reality Bites Records and includes 3 Tracks:

    "Day & Night"
    "Thinking Of You"
    "Blue Lagoon"

    Reality Bites Records is proud to present Derrick S latest 3 Track EP Day & Night:

    Derrick once again shows his sense for deep, soulful progressive & uplifting trance with extensive melodys and beautiful pads, sounds and atmosphere that will give you goosebumbs.

    All 3 tracks are unique and special made with true passion and love for the music.

    Buy now on Beatport Exclusive:

    visit and

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    visit and

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