www.beatport.com EXCLUSIVE Release!

Hey peeeepppzzz!!!!

check my last EP which is now available for purchase at Beatport.com store only!
It all came out few months ago while listening to an old italian project, MIZAR. The guys released in the year 2000 a big driving Mizar EP, which featured three tracks: Volcano, Orion and Quazar.
I've decided to remix Volcano, which was the best track imo, and it still could be nowadays a potential monster tune.
Many thanks to all the 3 guys from the Mizar project, for giving me such chance!

So here you are with the Volcano EP, which will feature 2 works:
Krakatoa is the hard tech side of the ep, which mostly recalls the original pumping sounds, and Mauna Loa, which is much deeper, with slower rythmics and warmer pads.

hope it's gonna be your cup of tea and support it in any radio show or live gig!