PLN064 Do Re Mix - Serenity Now - Polena Records

Cat N. PLN064
Date Release: 2010.10.30
Format : wave, mp3
Distribution : Digital Shops
Label : Polena Records
Artist: Do Re Mix
EP: Serenity Now
Country: Israel
Genres: Psy Trance, Full on

Track Name:

Run Fred Run Min 7.15
Realife Track Min 7.20
Serenity Now Min 7.06
Get 2 Magic Min 6.50

EP description:

The ep " SERENITY NOW" its the first realease of the project called : DO RE MIX . a unique psy trance music .the ep feets 4 massive tracks. made for DANCE FLOOR . each track have a diffrent story to tell . in a unique way .sometimes its by massive sounds and frequencys and sometimes by unique sampels,grooves and feelings. this ep will take u to another dimension of psy trance music . the name " SERENITY NOW " comes from the felling that i have evry time when i produce trance music . its a feel that the world is in stop and evrything its about MUSIC . its a feel of SERENITY.

Artist bio:

Edi alterman aka "DO RE MIX". 30 years old originaly from south israel ,now located in modiin , the story start after exploring the trance music that we listen in the beutifuel israel nature partys in the middle of the 90'. after we get in love in trance music, i start to produce music, i build my first analog studio and start to produce music 9 years ago , after some years i took a part of some trance music projects. in 2010 i started the new solo project calld " DO RE MIX " a combination of psy morning trance music and the old and good goa style ,melodies ,strong kik bass and clean sound and production. the project contains a lot of powerful samples & sounds combined with fresh pumping groove & bass for massive energy in dance floors.

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YouTube - Do Re Mix - Serenity Now

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