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    'Ello AH Forum

    Greetings AH FM

    So yeah, whats up, I'm a new member, I'm from an area with no trance, which is why I came here, cool to meet you all, blahblahblahblah...all that usual newbie stuff, whatever... (jk!)

    So yeah, hi! On a serious note, I'm currently a bedroom dj waiting to break out of the bedroom, so if anyone has any random gubbins to share on djing, I'm all ears

    If theres anything cool/bad/crazy/funny/anything I should know about this forum, please share it now!
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    Welcome to AH!

    As far as I know, there aren't any taboos. Just follow the rules, be yourself, and enjoy the tunes.
    (Carcharodon carcharias)

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    who0oot who0o0o welcome hun!! just clicl the link in the Now Playing box on the far upper right to join the current forum
    bring on the mad beatz

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