1. original mix
2. in plain sight remix
3. t-lectual & summer remix

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Andy Newland & Oscitone join the Mirabilis family with "Luminescence".
Their previous works have found home on super labels like Baroque, Audio Therapy and Stripped among others. "Luminescence" is no different and is yet another proof of their quality work.
The original version is built on a techy groove with some rolling percussion and some glitches to spice things up. The warm chords and spacey effects take things towards the deep end and add some soul to the track. This track is set to do some serious damage on big sound systems! Superb!
The In Plain Sight remix is hot! Their remix sounds deep but still uplifting and heavy. A punchy groove, jacking percussion, some more pads action, few weird and spacey effects and two breakdowns that really bring out the chord line to full effect. Sounding simple? Maybe, but very effective indeed. These guys really seems to be on top of their game! Big!
To round things off is the T-Lectual & Summer remix. The boys from St. Louis take things into techno territories but also manage to keep the warmth of the original. This remix is a stormer with its driving groove, heavy percussion, chopped up chords and white noise. Definately this remix will move every crowd! Explosive!


DAVE SEAMAN: nice vibes (on the In Plain Sight Remix)

HERNAN CATTANEO: T-Lectual & Summer Remix, sounds good man, thanks

LUIS JUNIOR: support

CID INC: Original and T-lectual & Summer Napalm remix for me. Good stuff!

DIMITRI NAKOV: Cool track.

ANDERSON NOISE: Great, thanks

CHRISTIAN CAMBAS: T-Lectual & Summer (Brendon Collins) Napalm remix for me, will be playing!

TOM NOVY: Thanx will try Original

JOHN SELWAY: Supporting.

DAVE THREESIXTY: Original Mix for us :-)


RANDALL JONES: Cool cuts! Will run this worldwide....

MATt WEEKS: Nice track, thanks!

STU HIRST: thanks - cool release

WADE BENNET: top stuff.

STUART MILLAR: i think origi is best

MIKE HIRATZKA: T-Lectual & Summer mix has nice driving groove, should work well for my sets. Solid production all around, quality release!


PETE STANLEY (TEMPERED DJS): Great package, really like the t-lectual & summer mix. thanks!!

DJ TARKAN: Andy Newland, Oscitone - Luminescence (Original mix) is the one for me!

MISS NINE: original works

ALDRIN: Nice 3 tracker, especially liking Plain Sight's deeper & emo take, and T-Lectual & Summer's remix is a good bridging tool to more intense techno.


BEN (TIESTO's A&R): Downloading

GEMMA FURBANK: Great package, well done guy's. 3 Great takes on the track,Loving the T-Lectual & Summer remix

DJ YVES EAUX: Support!

DANIEL MEHES: sorry its not for me now

DIBBY DOUGHERTY: napalm remix is shit hot! full support

TODD BURNS: Thanks. We will let you know if an RA writer pitches a review.

JOE FISHER: will feedback after downloading

HERNAN RODRIGUEZ: T-Lectual mix is right up my alley! in plain sight mix will also do some damage,support!

JAY KAUFMAN: The original is the best in my opinion. Andy's stuff is constantly getting better.

ADAM R: support

STEVE HAINES: Great track, original mix for me

PENA: Brendon Collins(Summer) is a name to watch in the future. nice one.

BEN CODA: Loving the original here - absolute class!


AGA HELLER: Not bad at all, but nothing I would consider for the radio show

STEFAN BAUER: in plain sight remix is really really nice

LOGIZTIK SOUNDS: T-Lectual & Summer (Brendon Collins) Napalm remix) for me!

D-PHRAG: T-Lectual and Brendon remix is sweeping, support from me!!!

MENTAL X: great original

HANS TAVERA: Massive Remix!, Like 10 times!

UNCLE ROLL: Original and T-Lectual remix rocks my world';)


DJ ALEKSIJ: Proggy but cool!Like the In Plain Saight remix the most!

PAUL TRELLES: Huge Release full support

RICHIE HARTNESS: Nice techy deconstruct sound - tough but inviting

ANDI DURRANT / RILEY & DURRANT: Downloading on behalf of Andi Durrant, many Thanks James Dutton

SASHA LE MONNIER: wicked stuff here, the original is lovely! All 3 are very nicely done but the original stands out for me!

EMMA: Enjoying (T-Lectual & Summer (Brendon Collins) Napalm remix) !!!!

DANALI DAHRAJ: Beautiful pack!

GAVYN MYTCHEL: Love the original mix, will give full support !!!

ANTTI (DANCETERIA HELSINKI) : Sounds huuuuuge Thanks for sending.

DANNY ROBERTS (CLUBBED UP RADIO): Like this, gonna give it a try in the studio tomorrow. Thanks

MARK J: great package... will be playing on Loca FM Canarias (Spain) for sure!

MANCHINI: very good. loving Original mix!

MATT BLACK: Really nice groove on the original, simple but very effective!

Hope you like it and dont kill the music with sharing, buy your copy!

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