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Thread: CP016: UCast - Hesperia [Capite Music]

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    CP016: UCast - Hesperia [Capite Music] OUT NOW


    Release Date: 22 December 10'
    Exclusive Audiojelly: 08 December 10'

    Available Here


    1.Hesperia (Original Mix)
    2.Hesperia (Ernest Miller Remix)


    Here we go with another well-measured stuff coming straight from Capite Music. If your autumn seems to be too cold for you - this is something to warm the atmosphere. Brand new release from UCast from Belarus. The track is called Hesperia.

    Original Mix provided by this guy is a vivid composition of what is most wanted in trance nowadays! Rolling bassline with nice touches of techy noises makes it good with uplifting pads and arpeggiators. To what is more important - breakdown - you will have no doubt that this is about to make you smile! Melodies on piano and plucks makes it perfect, and...
    There comes silence. This is about to please you very much!

    YouTube - UCast - Hesperia ( Original Mix )

    If you are still stonecold because of autumn winds, prepare for this one. Ernest Miller remix is going to give you as much warmth pleasure as possible. Almost balearic trancer, seems to hug you in the breakdown. Guitar, warm pads, and all the sounds make this one just like hot chocolate! Drink it all!

    YouTube - UCast - Hesperia (Ernest Miller Remix)

    Radio Plays:
    Pete Silver – Language Of Trance 081
    Eric Valentine – KnockOut Radio Show 014
    Steve Anderson – SAME Radio Show 102
    Aly & Fila – Future Sound of Egypt 160

    Arisen Flame, Ashley Wallbridge, Eric Valentine, Ex-Driver, Firestorm, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Haris C, Karydbe & Scylla, Lazarus, Leon 78, M.I.K.E., Manuel Juvera, Manuel Le Saux, Markus Schulz, Mazzamartinelli, Michael Angelo & Jim, Odonbat, Ozzyxpm, Peteerson, Proyal, Radio Language of Trance, simon bostock, Steve Anderson, Suzy Solar, Tempo Giusto, Thomas Stordalen, Trancettaro
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