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Mirabilis closes the 2010 with a special ep!
We have been receiving some real good stuff from new names on the scene in the last months and decided to select the ones we felt the most and release them all on this EP!
The opening track is "Emilome" by Syzthaime, a deep and melodic progressive track that is exactly the kind of thing that takes you on a space journey!
Summer and T-lectual deliver "Bomberang". A mixture between progressive and techno. It is the kind of thing you can imagine being played be Hernan Cattaneo - non the less he has been heavily playing it and charted it swell already! Enough said.
Nomean has delivered two tasty tracks for us! "Avon" is takes us on a journey on the deeper side but still with plenty of drive and energy!
"Out of sight" is darker and more menacing with a heavier groove, a spoken vocal loops but still with some synth riffs that give it some soul and make it stand out!
Suavemonkey pleases us with "Close" A funky prog thing that keeps building up till the big break where some warm pads and vocal snippets take the track into another dimension!
To round things off is Jaw with "Is this how the end comes". Full of deepness and melodic elements but still avenge the funk in it this is definitely going to blow up the small rooms and the deeper floors! Proper material for the house heads!
We truly hope you will find something to fit in your sets and have a good time over the holiday season! See you in 2011!


Dave Seaman: some good tracks on here thanks!

Nick Warren: Supporting 'The Bomberang'

Cid Inc: Great stuff all around! Full support

Mark Knight c/o Wesley S: nice and deep

Hernan Cattaneo: Perfect! (The Bmberang'

DJ Tarkan: nice winter tunes!

Barry Gilbey from Mara: Avon & Close are the stand out tracks. Almost a pity there is so many tracks here as they get swamped. Less is more!

Miss Nine: Great package! Can't decide which one is best. Support!

Egostereo: Nice pack. Downloading for Egostereo

Adam Roberts (Global Dance Session): Stunned, this is a massive EP!

Flash Brothers: Out of sight we like

Markus Schulz: Will try thnks

Matt Darey c/o Sasha Stepanov: Downloaded for Matt Darey. Thank you.

Aldrin: Wow! A fab package! Definitely feeling Emilome, Bomberang, Avon and Is This How The End Comes.

16 Bit Lolitas: Support

Matt Samuels: wicked stuff ! x

John Selway (John Selway): Support

Francis Preve: Great EP! Bomberang and Avon are both strong tracks for my afterhours gigs. Well done!

Ben Coda: Really great set of tracks here - loving Emilome, perfect intro material

Mark J (Supagroove radio show): Supporting in my radio show!

Mitch Alexander (MicroCastle records): great package guys, love the hypnotic 'Avon' the best here!

Mental X (Virus Radio): mssive ep! my full support on 1,2,3,4,5

Abyss (Renaissance): This track is a bomb! (on "The Bomberang")

Kenny Wee: You know what I will say...HUGE! (on "The Bomberang")

Hans Tavera: T- Lectual & Summer, Nomean, Jay my favorites!!!

Darin Epsilon: Nomean 'Avon' is amazing! Will consider for my next chart and DJ sets. Also really enjoyed the T-lectual & Summer track. Thanks so much.

Pena (Flow Vinyl): bredon collins and nomean-avon are the ones...nice stuff!! thx

Stefan Bauer (Progressive-world.at): nice tracks to close this year! Emilome is my favourite! awesome melodies! avon is a strong second place! all in all a very solid package!

Neil Moore: Support

Andy Newland: great ep - quality release as always! Keep em coming in 2011!!!

Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta: Nomean - Avon' is great track. Thank you!

Manchini: Very strong package! Downloading

Erik Peterson aka Sonic Union: Some great tunes here! Really hard to pick a favorite! Will definitely play! Thank you!

Matt Black: Rather like Out of sight, good solid mover!

Aga Heller: Nothing for my radio show, but will def. play some of these tunes in my club sets. 'Emilome' is my favourite!

D-phrag: Emilome has excellent melody, love that track!!! But really, it is hard to pick a favorite here. Mirabilis proves once again to be one of my favorite labels. Support!!!

Ignas: Beautiful stuff, but some energy is missing for me. Thanks for sending.

Facundo Mohrr: Mirabilis did it again! Amazing EP! Bomberang & Is this how... are great! will play them for sure!

Gavyn Mytchel (The Gallery): Love the Avon track will give full support

Paul Trelles (Proton): Lot of BOMBS here!

Sasha Le Monnier: Nice pack here, especially like Avon,Out Of Sight,Emilome,Jaw...these are really cool tracks - Charting in my December Charts!

Emma (Exit): Nice stuff!!!

Leonardo Tou: Support

Danali Dahraj: Support

Silinder (Sudbeat): Very nice, like this! (on "The Bomberang")

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