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Thread: Digital Remedy's 2nd Birthday Album - OUT NOW!

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    Cool Digital Remedy's 2nd Birthday Album - OUT NOW!

    It's our 2nd birthday, so to celebrate we at Digital Remedy have put together an album featuring tracks past & present from the label. Featuring artists like Stuart Donaghy, Lee Haslam, Michael Dow, Akira Kayosa & lots more. This package also includes a 50 minute DJ mix, which is mixed by label manager, Stuart Donaghy.

    1. Michael Dow - Grot Bag (Original Mix)
    2. Michael Dow - Red Shift (Original Mix)
    3. Stuart Donaghy & Sam Bowles - Time+Space (Original Edit)
    4. Lee Haslam - Twisted Sister (Original Mix)
    5. Allen & Donaghy - Dark Matter (Lee Haslam's Beefed Up Mix)
    6. Lee Haslam - Har-umph (Original Mix)
    7. Haywire - How Big Is Your Telly? (Guy Mearns Remix)
    8. Akira Kayosa - Boxjammer (Michael Dow Remix)
    9. Various Artists - Digital Remedy 2nd Birthday Album (Continuous DJ Mix)

    Store Links

    DJ Download
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