AirNaN – Breathe In (FreeAnce 2011) - OUT NOW!

Artist: AirNaN
Title: Breathe In
Release Date: 02/2011
Format: CD / Digital

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AirNaN: Breathe In (CD) - FreeAnce - Psyshop


1. Breathe In
2. Electric Voice
3. DreamCatcher (Airnan RMX)
4. Dark Enlightened (feat Oran)
5. Rocket
6. Not Afraid (Album Edit)
7. Disco Time
8. Electro Fever
9. Ask The Right Questions (AirNaN RMX)
10. Breathe Out


AirNaN – Breathe In (FreeAnce 2011)


Breathing is life. It is our most vital function. While we dance, breathing is a way of meditating in motion, and the key to achieve awareness. When we Breathe In, we bring new fresh air into the body, embracing new experiences and vitalizing our Mind & Soul with energy and strength. While we Breathe Out, we release the old and stale air, discharge the unwanted emotions, and take the most important step towards achieving inner peace: Letting Go…
Breathe In Is AirNaN’s Long awaited DEBUT ALBUM. After a journey of almost ten years as DJ Eclypso, a dazzling bright career as Mindelight, and a very promising first two years as leader and founder of FreeAnce. Hernan Arber presents his First Solo Album in his most developed Musical State of Mind: AIRNAN - BREATHE IN!
Breathe In is the best definition of AirNaN’s new Style, where Deep and Majestic Progressive meets Driving and Uplifting Electro-Trance. Expect a Crystal Clear production with a seamless blend of many electronic genres like Down Tempo, Progressive, Electro, BreakBeat, Morning Trance and even Full ON! Breathe In is a varied album rich in Vocals, Fat baselines, swinging rhythms and Live Guitars, but with special emphasis on strong emotions and inspirational melodies, a Wonderful dancing experience ready to burst out into the world wide progressive trance scene. In simple words: Sexy, Groovy, and FAT!
Breathe In is a great opportunity for all of us to let new music into our ears, and to allow new musicians into our hearts. So come join us at FreeAnce’s proud lucky 7th release: AirNaN – Breathe In. Bring your friends, and bring your sexy bodies to the dancefloor. Dance all around, jump and shout as you always do, and remember to BREATHE IN, you’ll need it!


Info & Sound / Buy:
AirNaN: Breathe In (CD) - FreeAnce - Psyshop

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