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Thread: Vokanoya - Cardinal / GTR [Iji Recordings]

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    Vokanoya - Cardinal / GTR [Iji Recordings]

    OUT NOW | Beatport Exclusive:

    Release summary:

    Straight from the Ukraine, newcomer Vladimir Polonsky lands on Iji Recordings' world as Vokanoya, bringing two class progressive gems on the label's fifth release.

    Vokanoya debuts with Cardinal, a deep subtle progressive trance number. Filled with synth stabs and a deep driving bassline, the track fills up nicely to an epic synth stab fest worthy of any main room number.

    The second track of the release lifts up the energy a notch by adding even more percussions to a driving deep bassline. Daftly named GTR, the tune does indeed set the mood for a dark energetic night with its stabby electro bassline and accompanying synth to electrify club enthusiasts and finish off a solid release!

    DJ / Radio support:

    Markus Schulz, Amurai, Danny Grunow, Flash Brothers, Gai Barone, Jaytech, Johan Curtain, Kris Andrews, Manuel Le Saux, Mario Rybansky, Pedro Del Mar, Piet Bervoets, Pulser, Suzy Solar, Talla 2XLC, Tempo Giusto, The Flyers & Mike Sonar, tyDi, Vadim Dreamer and others.



    Artists: Vokanoya
    Title: Cardinal / GTR
    Beatport date: 7/02/2011
    All stores: 21/02/2011
    Cat#: IJI005

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