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After a slow start to the new year things have started to pick up.As usual i have put together a mixture of popular tracks and the not so well known ones,avoiding any monotonous drawn out tracks that are all over the scene,concentrating on as much originality as i could.Due to fatherhood,i have less time on my hands,at the moment,so im more selective of what i include as i can only find time to produce 1 or 2 Episodes a month.So here is a brief rundown of Episode 284,begining with First States “Reverie”, featuring the vocals of the great Sarah Howells.“Reverie” is of course a track from First State’s most recent album “Changing Lanes” .We get to enjoy the touching vocals of Howells, in one of those dance floor hits that makes everybody want to sing along in this Jeziel Quintela remix.Next,Robbie Rivera teams up with Gloucestershire DJ,Lizzie Curious,with First States version of 'departures'. ASOT featured - 'Kiunjuga' gives off warm uplifting melodies,then its Sander Van Doorn,whose productions have many distinctive elements,this time giving us a Vocal track featuring,songwriter,Carol Lee. Onto Yuriy Trembetskiy next,a.k.a Mark Dub,a dj and producer from Ukraine,with a nice Mellow/Shah type track,then Richard Durrand,gives a possible snipet from his new album,in the form of 'Wide Awake'. Sound Players released a new collaboration with vocalist Baltica,'gaurdian' which then beefs things up a bit,here in original form. Once you know that 'green cape sunset' by Nuera is on Magic Islands label,you know what you are going to get,and this is another track keeping up this labels high standards. Bartlett Bros & Amex team up for a release on Black Hole Recordings,Fabio XB adding his special touch on this rework.Dutchman Guy Swinnens dark vocals match perfectly with Mike Foyles remix of Nash & Peppers 'i killed the love' then everyone should recognise Kate Walsh singing 'right back' in this Sensetive 5 version thats not a million miles away from Yuri Kanes excellent version from a while ago.The sweet vocals keep on coming with Aneym belting out 'man in denial' then its Shah Digital that gaurantees us excellance,with Oliver V and 'seagull',which has enough guitar and mellow synths to keep us ticking over till the summer.Back in the early 2000's,Ronski Speed produced the excellent 'alone' in his Sun Decade guise and its great to see another update,the Lost Stories remix here bringing the vocal to the forefront.Dash Berlin are also back with avengence,firstly remixing Filo & Peri's 'this night' and then leting rip with their long awaited single 'disarm yourself ' with the ever brilliant Emma Hewitt doing the honours on the vocals.Next,a track that initially started as a Fabio XB and Yves De Lacroix production,which has now turned into an even bigger, electrifying trancer courtesy of Lange,with Fabio XB again giving us a rework and then finally,the powerfull Symphonic 'aether',which was a former ASOT tune of the week,bringing a close to this Episode. Phil.

01 FIRST STATE ft SARAH HOWELLS reverie(jezial quintela)
02 ROBBIE RIVERA ft LIZZIE CURIOUS departures(first state)
04 SANDER VAN DOORN ft CAROL LEE love is darkness
05 MARK DUB the evening sky
08 NUERA green cape sunset
09 BARTLETT BROS illuminate(fabio xb)
10 NASH & PEPPER ft GUY SWINNEN i killed the love(mike foyle)
11 SENSETIVE 5 ft KATE WALSH right back (chron!c)
12 TENISHIA ft ANEYM man in denial
13 OLIVER V seagull
14 SUN DECADE ft DAVIA LEA im alone(lost stories 2011)
15 FILO & PERI ft AUDREY GALLAGHER this night(dash berlin)
16 DASH BERLIN disarm your self
17 LANGE pres YVES DE LACROIX electrify(fabio xb)
18 ANDREW RAYEL aether
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