Hello you trance heads , how are you all .. I'm new to the forum , Do you's like Trance? Do you's like podcasts's? well the this is for you ;) .. Me and my friend Jonathan , I'm from Ireland he's from El Paso , so we try our best :D anyway if you wanna listen and download and sub to our podcast , well click this link.. Transatlantic Journey's Podcast - Download free podcast episodes by Transatlantic Journey on iTunes. were into podcast 008 and have just included our first guestmix, so if you wanna guestmix for us , be sure to follow Transatlantic Music (TransatlanticM) on Twitter or Nathan Byrne (AnjunaNay) on Twitter orrrr Jonathan (anjunakid92) on Twitter ;) we also have a facebook page: The Transatlantic Journey Podcast | Facebook so like that too .. anwyay I hope you all enjoy it. and happy Trancing