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Thread: Crimson "When Life Begins" Out now! (Mondo Records)

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    Crimson "When Life Begins" Out now! (Mondo Records)

    When Life Begins

    1. Original Mix (click here for a sample)
    2. Sean Truby Remix (click here for a sample)
    3. Daniel Hairston Remix (click here for a sample)

    Last year Simon Gregory aka Crimson made his debut with Mondo Records with the highly popular ‘Sky’. Simon returns in 2011 will the follow up single entitled “When Life Begins”.

    The original mix starts with its deep, rolling bass line, playful melody dipping in and out of the mix and haunting vocal chants. As we reach the break, we hear the signature Crimson sound and the prominent, unforgettable riff, one that will be stuck in the minds of clubbers for a long time after hearing it. Simon delivers a simple, yet very effective trancer that is sure to please any dance floor.

    Taking things a little harder, Mondo welcomes the remix talents of Sean Truby to the label. Sean of course is another bright spark creating waves in the trance scene at the moment with his crisp sound. Building upon the original, Sean adds some extra melodies to the track that complement the main riff well and enhance that big room sound. Sean’s mix is the ideal track to create some serious mayhem for those later sets.

    Finally, taking things down the more progressive route Mondo is proud to introduce a new face, one that will very quickly become a huge star for his unique talents as a producer. Virginia based producer Daniel Hairston steps up to deliver his take on “When Life Begins”. From the raw, acid style bass line, to the glitch effects and tech driven percussion, Daniel provides an excellent alternative to the package.

    Supported by: Bobina, Ernesto vs Bastian, Steve Anderson, Arnej, Suzy Solar, Randy Boyer and more!

    iDJ: 7/10
    Check out the review by Beatsmedia here

    Click here to buy the MP3's
    Click here to buy the CD single

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