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Thread: Exclipse - Thunder Bay [Alter Ego Digital]

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    Exclipse - Thunder Bay [Alter Ego Digital]

    The digital imprint dusts off this little gem from Canadian newcomer David Zalewski with his debut 'Thunder Bay'. The original is an all out uplifting affair with a strong driving bottom end mixed with crisp percussion and hard hitting melodies. Remixes on this occasion are from Sasha Virus, Rozza with his 2009 last outing mix and Sunset.

    Release Date: 31.03.2011

    01. Exclipse - Thunder Bay (Original Mix)
    02. Exclipse - Thunder Bay (Sasha Virus Remix)
    03. Exclipse - Thunder Bay (Rozza's Last Outing 09)
    04. Exclipse - Thunder Bay (Sunset Remix)

    Samples here

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    Sunset Remix is ok.
    I do not live in the world of sobriety.

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