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    Question An ID Alias

    Hey, guys.. Something's been bothering me these days..

    A track recently occured to me, namely Tiesto - Happy People (though more housy, it's quite nice). Still unreleased, it was said to be the anthem of Cineac in Amsterdam, that he previously owned.

    Then I found out that Happy People is almost exactly the same as Sunday Cinema - Models At Work (Original Mix) but accelerated, so to say :D

    Additionally, I searched for the whole release, but predominantly came across the Dunugoz vs Tha Roofas Remix.. which imo is such a nasty alias from Fijneman :D

    In Discogs there is no info about Sunday Cinema at all.. no cross references to the producers standing behind it.. My interest arose even more :D

    As a result, I went to Audiojelly at the page of Models At Work (a Songbird release) and was randomly clicking everywhere, and unintentionally clicked on the FB share button.. the small window asking you for a comment along with the share appeared.. I've got the habit to check the thumbnails - there were 3: the release cover, a photo of Paul Webster, and an ID photo (of someone similar to James Grant haha)

    Dunno if those two photos aside from the cover have something to do with the release itself, or just happened to be there by mistake. But Webster would never do so housy a track.. Tiesto might have bought it back in the days, but who actually produced it?

    Does anyone have a clue? Suppositions, suggestions, any opinion on the topic.. are of course welcomed : ))
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