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Label: Macarize
Artist: Thomas Feijk, Richard Davison
Cat #: MRIZE001
Genre: Progressive House
Release date: March 21st, 2011

01. Buzz Kill (Original Mix)


Do you hear the sound of a new beginning? It has finally arrived. Finland’s Thomas Feijk and Sweden’s Richard Davison unveil the very first release on the highly-anticipated brand new label, Macarize! In eight-minutes and seven-seconds, “Buzz Kill” delivers thundering melodies with a kick of that triumphant vibe!

You would not want to miss out on this epic milestone for one of the world’s most forward-thinking and innovative progressive labels, would you? Do yourself a favor— head over to your favorite online record store and support “Buzz Kill” today!


W&W, Mike Saint-Jules, Juska Wendland (aka DJ Orion), Neil Moore, Marco V, Andy Moor, Claes Rosen, Cliff Coenraad, The Blizzard, Virtual Vault, Flash Brothers, Noel Sanger, Shawn Mitiska, Vadim Soloviev, tyDi, Peter Brown, Cor Fijneman, Steve Haines, Sonic Union, Gai Barone, Kris O'Neil, Luke Porter, Suzy Solar, Manuel Le Saux, Bobby Deep, Matt Devereaux, Dave Cortex, JOhan Nilsson, Josh Abrams, Mitch Alexander, Dimitri Kechagias, Big Al, Shadowfall