Whats the official word with marijuana and tourists in the Netherlands. I read one article after another and the present situation still eludes me.

From what I understand the Dutch government is cutting off France, Belgium & Germany from one of the Netherlands finest delicacies, by either directly shutting down the dispensary or refusing to sell to foreigners under authority of the European supreme court.

In cases like closing down shops within 250 meters of schools, that even seemed like a good idea to me.

I'm bright enough to know being Canadian does not exempt me from being a tourist. I can't even be sure it's true because who the hell can quote Wikipedia?

I'm not a drug-tourist, but I have been peacefully toking away for almost 11 years now (Yes peacefully, not being gang affiliated or selling kilo's from school washrooms). Cannabis is more than a medicine to me, it is a life style that is being associated with criminal behavior to simply give police something to do on weekdays. and certainly a great way to relax and unwind.

Will I be turned down at every shop I try go to? Or do I have to go see "Charlie" at Centraal station to get who knows what. I believe the correct word here is "Bollocks"