1. Original Mix
2. Energetic Mix
3. Ronny K. Emotion Remix

Czech producer Jan Vávra aka John Waver brings us his debut release on Defcon with a large helping of pure euphoric trance in the form of Hyperion.

Based around an old-school style lead riff, Hyperion is a slice of classic trance for the 21st Century - the original mix is a calmer, more laid back take on things while the Energetic mix as you might expect ramps up the power and delivers a more driving version. Soaring synths and complimentary melodies make this a definite hands-in-the-air tune.

Ahead of the release of his latest EP, Defcon favourite Ronny K. gives us one of his trademark Emotion remixes, and as you might expect turns the euphoric dial up to maximum! A truly epic affair that's sure to get the dancefloor smiling and reaching for the lasers.


John Waver - Hyperion (Original Mix)
John Waver - Hyperion (Energetic Mix)
John Waver - Hyperion (Ronny K. Emotion Remix)

Available from:

Audiojelly: Over here!!
Other stores: From 17th of April