District 36 presents Dave Clarke

Friday - May 27, 2011

Dave Clarke
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Forget The Sex Pistols. The bands that came before and after Ė Bauhaus, The Ruts, The Damned and UK Subs Ė made timeless music. It came from the heart." Dave Clarke

Techno pioneer Dave Clarke has always mined the edges of the mainstream for his explorations into speaker-bustiní dance music. The one-time hip hop and soul DJ spun hip hop deep into the mix of his 1996 debut Archive One, but on his second album Devils Advocate, heís digging even deeper.

Clarke is indeed a man of many sounds but heís undeniably an international techno ambassador of the highest degree. Heís been criss-crossing the globe every weekend for the last fifteen years playing the best in funky electronic music. "Funny enough Iíve shied away from electro in my sets at the moment," he says. "There just arenít the records right now. I still play a lot of ghetto booty electro though. I like it. Itís filthy, itís got a charm and itís got the funk."

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