Vinyl - Release Date – 21st Jan 2011
Digital Release Date - 28th February 2011
Centric 013
Alf Tumble feat Halina Larsson - Story of a Ghost

Centric Music Newsletter Jan 2011

Quality House Music “No Fillers” is the ethos of Centric Music. Here, Alf Tumble and Halina Larsson present a glorious vocal house effort that lives up to what the label stands for. It is a radiant song that is set to charm DJs and dancers alike, due to its touching vocals and deep instrumental grooves. Tumble’s club mixes are accompanied by streamlined versions from Moodymanc and Tumble’s own midtempo versions on the release, which is Centric 013.

This package features a whole host of deep and delectable versions of The Story of a Ghost. The Deep Vocal Mix features pointed beats, hypnotic synths and awe-inspiring vocals. Serious keys, emotive chords and Halina’s poetic vocals rule on the Deep Piano Mix. The Deep Dub sees soaring synths, polite keys and heavy beats work their magic. Moodymanc really gets into the groove on a remix that will set dancefloors alight. His excellent reinterpretation features smooth synths, choice vocal moments and smart percussion. The Moodymanc Dub follows a similar path, offering maximum dancefloor destruction. Stephen Rigmaiden supplies two cool remixes.

His vocal version features pointed beats, sultry synths and dreamy vocals. His Dub offers elevating key work and mesmerising percussion patterns. The Rigas Remix features twinkling keys, slow stepping percussion and angelic vocals. A heavy beats and bass combo do the work on the Rigas Remix Instrumental. The Acoustic Demo is just that, with Halina Larsson’s haunting vocals sitting atop soft guitar work.

Alf Tumble is best known for his work as one half of heavyweight Swedish electronic outfits SUMO, Bangana and MaryMary. Under the SUMO name, they created afro infused house grooves, whilst as Bangana, they produced powerful techy offerings. Lots of their work was released via the duo’s own Heya Hii imprint. Alf has done some solo work of late, which has been well received. Wilder Side, his collaboration with fellow Scandinavian house hero Rasmus Faber and Disco legend Candi Staton was released on Defected. When not behind the decks, Tumble’s passion is wine, but this release on Centric is more akin to effervescent Champagne.

Guest vocalist Halina Larsson’s background is punk and rock; she was a member of Chick Habit and a guest vocalist with the likes of Coheed. You wouldn’t be able to tell her musical past from how she blesses this record with her deep yet syrupy tones. Indeed, musically she is heading into other electronic waters, with a number of releases set to drop soon. On the remixes front, Danny Ward aka Dubble D aka Moodymanc pops up with a couple of straight grooving interpretations. The Moodymanc is famed for his work on imprints like 20:20 Vision and Tsuba.

Stephen Rigmaiden is no stranger to the Centric Music family. The owner of So So Deep released the inspiring Love Keeps record on the label earlier this year and was also responsible for the well received Analog Invincible EP.
This is a brilliant release from Centric Music that truly lives up to the ‘No Fillers’ policy. It is a memorable slice of vocal house that will live in the memory for a long time in the future.

Track listing
A1 – Deep Vocal Mix
A2 – Deep Dub
B1 – Moodymanc Mix
B2 – Moodymanc Dub

Centric Music Newsletter Jan 2011

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Melon - Sounds nice will test this weekend
Juan Fierro - Thank you very much for sending me this wonderful disc. I love Deep Vocal Mix and my favourite is the version of the great Moodymanc, always surprises with his understanding of the good vibrations.
Kiko Navarro - Good production and vocal work on the deep vocal mix, this has potential! Very nice vibe with the strings and the additional production on the moodymanc vocal mix, takes the original into a completely different direction.
Neil Aline - Alf's mix is the one!!!!
Andy ward - Didn’t feel the vocal on first listen.. im sure it will grow on me. Rigmaiden mix very "Ferrer" so will prob do the best
Henri Kohn - Very nice. Also dig the moodymanc mixes.thx
Dazzle Drums - I like Deep Vocal Mix. Melody, Vocal, Total balance
Sergio Flores - I’m diggin the vibe of this one! Deep and atmospheric....
Autodeep - Yeah, Rigmaiden Mixes are best for us but really nice package over all!
Greg Fenton - Great dub version!
Craig Bartlett - love this
Tony Humphries - Interesting pop vocals, the track sounds nice and hyped.
Harri (sub club) - moodymanc dud for me thanks
Nicolas Matar - Nice Vocal with diverse mixes. Full support!

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