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Thread: Fei Fei - Mosh pit

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    Fei Fei - Mosh pit

    very amazing tune
    heard him in LeonBoiler's set yestarday
    i was shocked really

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    Just got here djFEIFEI's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Glad you are diggin it my friend

    Here is the video if you haven't seen it yet...

    YouTube - Fei-Fei - Mosh Pit [FEIDED]

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    thank you :*

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    Just got here
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    @ djFEIFEI: Wow! What a fantastic tune! This song just screams the club scene from the first bass drop, and holds that energy until the very end. One of the best tunes I've heard to date! I would love to see more tunes like this one because they are so incredibly different. I am normally not a fan of dubstep, but this song was just out of control. Keep up the fantastic work!

    Much love from San Francisco :D

    - Dakota

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