1.Meridian-Shifter(Jason van Wyk remix) (INFRASONIC)
2. Cliff Coenraad-Oh ! Mega(Original mix) (HIGH CONTRAST)
3.JOOP-Stronger(Original mix) (BEYOURSELFMUSIC)
4.D-Mad-Solidarity(Original mix) (Liquid)
5.Time Axis-Breaking Your Rules(Original mix) (WELL MIXED RECORDS)
6.Above and Beyond feat.Richard Bedford-Sun and Moon(Club Mix)(ANJUNABEATS)
7.Lange and Fabio XB pres. Yves de Lacroix-Electrify(Fabio XB Rework) (S107) (GLOBAL REMIX OF THE WEEK)
8.Arisen Flame-Hexagon(Original mix) (TENTRAMADE)
9.Bryan Kearney and Liam Melly-Second Nature (2nd Phase mix) (FRACTION)
10.Setrise and Matthew Nagle-The Shark(Setrise remix) (ROCKSTAR)
12.Randy Katana-In silence(Setrise remix) (2PLAY)
14.Taylor & Close-Come with Us(Original mix) (2PLAY) (GLOBAL TUNE OF THE WEEK)
16.Silver J Catania-Key of Heart(Blue Tente`s Uplifting mix) (UNDERVISE)
17.Nish vs Pandora ľAtlantic Sky(Original mix)
18.Steve Nyman & Meyce feat.Tom K-Inside Ur Mind(Sunny LAX Vocal Mix) (THE CLUBBERS)
19.Reminder-On the beach(Uplifting Mix) (TOOL)
20.Mac & Taylor-Harder Times (Original mix) (NTR BLUE)
21.Will Atkinson-Heartfelt(Original mix) (BORDERLINE MUSIC )
22.Paul van Dyk-Columbia(PVD remix)( GLOBAL CLASSIC OF THE WEEK) (COLUMBIA)

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