5K : A new era

What a journey the making of this album has been. Having started the process of recording tracks and writing songs for an album 10 years ago, now in 2010, the new artist album from Sander Kleinenberg is finally ready and set for release this November.

Of course, this album hasn’t actually been a 10-year project, more the fact that it was a decade ago that Sander sat down and started planning and talking about recording a long-player. At that time My Lexicon established him globally as a top-level producer and is still widely regarded as one of the finest progressive house records ever made. Of course, following the release and worldwide attention, it was natural to start planning an album.

The only thing was that ‘worldwide attention’ meant his schedule changed massively and with offers coming in from all angles he strapped himself onto his metaphorical surfboard and rode the wave. In fact since 2001, Sander has released a comp every year, mainly through his strong connection with Renaissance throughout most of the noughties. He also went on to launch his own label Little Mountain Recordings.

Superstar Dutch DJ and producer Sander Kleinenberg has built his international reputation on an ability to create different atmospheres, for myriad crowds, at venues all over the world. No wonder then that the legendary Ibiza nightclub Pacha – a destination for travelers from points all over the globe – should tap Sander as the new resident for their long-running Friday night party, Pure Pacha Ibiza."Pacha is a club with such a legacy, and historically, Friday is their busiest evening," observes Kleinenberg. "It's a great showroom to be DJing in, a place where people come to celebrate. I'm very honored to be representing."

Kleinenberg is not only an artist who declines to stick to a single, easily defined sound, he also utilizes more than one medium to create a night out. Long at the forefront of integrating video imagery and other visuals in his VDJ sets, Sander includes Pioneer among his sponsors for Pure Pacha Ibiza. The manufacturer will be outfitting the club with their SVM-1000 audio-visual mixer (which Kleinenberg helped develop) and plasma televisions, exclusively for his performances.

Integrating music and images single-handedly requires sharpened skills and on-the-fly invention. "Now, in the process of DJing, I am in control of another dimensions. The thought processes are not just about music; there is a visual element as well." Which allows his to shape his identity, and stimulate crowds, in a host of fresh ways. "This is a whole new way of looking at what you do creatively. In the end, that is very challenging. It makes you more versatile as well. I love keeping on my toes."

Sander will continue to show off his aesthetic flexibility at other residencies during the course of the year, too, including Ministry of Sound in London, and Avalon in Los Angeles. Each of these gigs affords him unique creative opportunities; the black box interior and pristine sound of Ministry elicits different impulses from him than the storied, historic Avalon. Which is how he likes it. "Residencies are like laboratories: You can go in and experiment. As you get to know the sound system and the clientele, and become comfortable, you have more faith in each potential change of direction."

So his calendar is jam-packed. But for Sander, there is always still more to do. The head of his own Little Mountain label, and a producer of sublime original tracks that elude being easily date-stamped, Kleinenberg plans to tap into all the facets of his creativity for his next album, forthcoming at a date to be determined. "I am working on a definitive document," he hints. "I want to create a real landmark, both visually and musically, where I say, 'This has been my journey over the last twenty years… and this is where I am now.'"

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