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Label: Macarize
Artist: Labtracks
Cat #: MRIZE004
Genre: Progressive House
Release date: April 18th, 2011

01. Broadway (Original Mix)
02. Broadway (Nights Out Mix)
03. Metropolice (Original Mix)


Always sounding fresh and always infecting their listeners with glimmering melodic goodness— Jarkko Saikkonen and Miikka Vaartela— just made their debut on Macarize as Labtracks! “Broadway / Metropolice” is the duo’s latest on the label, and this release yields three wonderful crafts— Broadway, the original and Labtracks’ own Night’s Out Mix, as well as Metropolice!

The original mix of Broadway carries the lovely night-cruising feel Labtracks has perfected. The Night’s Out Mix, however is something surprisingly different. For this special remix, Jarkko and Miikka put on their creative hats and mold a filter house rendition out of Broadway! With a version like this, there will be no more excuses for people not to dance!

Turning down the energy a bit, Labtracks comes up with a smooth-sailing yet groovy tune entitled “Metropolice” as the last track. This tune caters a nostalgic vibe accompanied by its soaring leads at the breakdown.

Next time you go night-cruising around the city or simply spend the night out; do not forget to bring with you Labtracks’ latest release “Broadway / Metropolice”! These three brand-new tracks from Macarize will go with you to great distances.

Written by Miguel Hizon Libre ( Soundscapes by Motionmigs )