Hope u all had a great start of this year!
We have been busy in the studio in the last months and the results are surfacing slowly!
This week we have out on Beatport our Detroit tinged remix for Manchester's very own Mark Holmes and Temepred Djs. Feel also free to check our remixes on Flow Vinyl, Sound Of Acapulco and 303Lovers which are doing the rounds form earlier this year.
We have originals and a few remixes forthcoming on Respekt, Stripped, Silence Through Music, Phobiq and Tronic in the next few months so keep your eyes and ears open!

We also had been interviewed by Sweeden's leading online magazine MEGAMIND MAGAZINE and have been speaking about our beginnings, current and future projects and about our label - Mirabilis Records. Check out the whole interview here:
Interview with Alex & Filip | Megamind Magazine



We also have gave our sonic treatment to MARK HOLMES & TEMPERED DJS 'Smashlight' which is gaining support from SPEKTRE, TIMO GARCIA, SARAH MAIN, DJ CHUS. GEMMA FURBANK, DA LUKAS, DJ MERI, MARKUS SHULZ and many more.

This is out now on BEATPORT exclusively: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/...EntityId=23355

Preview it on SOUNDCLOUD: Mark Holmes & Tempered Djs - Smashlight (Alex & Filip remix) [MUM] lo q preview by Alex and Filip on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Or watch the video courtesy of our friend Enzo Avanzato: YouTube - Mark Holmes & Tempered Djs - Smashlight (Alex & Filip Remix) 14.04.2011 Promo

Check out our latest mixes which aired on PETE GOODING's GLOBAL NETWORK, GEMMA FURBANK's show on MNACHESTER GLOBAL RADIO and last but not least a mix for AFTERHOURS RADIO SHOW!

All are available for download on our SOUNDCLOUD PAGE:
ALEX & FILIP LIVE & STUDIO MIXES by Alex and Filip on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Enjoy and also check out some forthcoming beats on our SC page!!!!!

PS: Join us on FACEBOOK here: Alex & Filip | Facebook

Yours truly.
::: Alex and Filip :::