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Thread: Blue Neptune - Ambient 3 [SILKSF028]

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    Blue Neptune - Ambient 3 [SILKSF028]

    Samples & Purchase:

    Following his acclaimed "Black Rain" EP on Silk Sofa, Blue Neptune from Canada presents 3 brand new tracks. The title, "Ambient 3", celebrates his third ambient release on the label. First up is "A Walk In The Park", which slowly builds an enjoyable soundscape with soothing pad layers. As the track progresses, a vast array of lush textures combine, resulting in a stunning and memorable atmosphere.

    The second track is "Home", which showcases a groovier aspect of Blue Neptune's music. After the intro with smooth pads, a dominating arpeggio emerges. Its melody is fairly hypnotic and fits nicely among the background synth layers.

    Finally, "Sweet Bitterness" closes the package. Deep drone sounds and a rough, periodically appearing pad sweep establish the atmosphere. Later, more layers are added, while the background pad is varied nicely.

    Cat#: SILKSF028
    Release date: April 29th, 2011
    Genre: ambient, chillout
    Format: digital
    Stores: Beatport exclusively

    Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
    01 Blue Neptune - A Walk In The Park (Original Mix)
    02 Blue Neptune - Home (Original Mix)
    03 Blue Neptune - Sweet Bitterness (Original Mix)

    Ruben de Ronde, James Grant, Stefan Anion, Dash Berlin, Liluca, Aeron Aether, East Café, Evren Ulusoy, 100tonn, Ricky Inch, James Warren / Coalesced, Dynamic Illusion, Santerna, Juska Wendland / DJ Orion, Abdomen Burst, and many more...

    For More Information: >>> Facebook page >>> SoundCloud channel >>> Twitter page >>> YouTube channel

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    Amazing ambient release, really liked the Black Rain EP from him and this definitely sounds good too!

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    very nice EP

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    Thanks for your comments

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