Out on May 30th.
Poland is on the rise.
Not only do some of the wildest, craziest trance parties take place there, the group of quality productions coming from the Polish studios is also rapidly growing. Adam Kancerski is one of
them. Strong releases and innovative sounds came together with his 'Who's In Charge' and vocal collab 'It Takes Time'. This time, he redeems double pleasure, with 'Liquid' and 'Tribute' kicking in on the VANDIT label.

If you're looking for some energy, 'Liquid' is your personal pep. Riding a melodic feel-good
trail of trance, it slowly but steady takes over your body and mind. After that one's kicked in, there's time to go deeper, with the more prog-techy and playful 'Tribute'. A dynamic duo, about to blast through the globe's club speakers!

Adam Kancerski - Liquid

Adam Kancerski - The Tribute