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Label: Macarize
Artist: Labtracks
Cat #: MRIZE007
Genre: Progressive House
Release date: May 16th, 2011


01. Robotic Love (Original Mix)
02. Submarine (Original Mix)


Miikka Vaartela and Jarkko Saikkonen, the two very talented Finnish producers behind the progressive house project Labtracks have once again returned to Macarize for their sophomore release, “Robotic Love / Submarine”!

Labtracks takes a blast to the past with their 80’s-inspired progressive house floor-filler, “Robotic Love”! Huge stomping kicks, old-fashioned crunchy snares, heartwarming string-play, and highly-melodic synth-chord interplay— with elements like these, it is not that hard to see where this tune is heading this season.

For the second and last track of this magnificent release on Macarize, Labtracks slips-in this buoyant-sounding tune entitled “Submarine”. Prepare yourselves for something that will effortlessly take you deep to the luminous soundscapes of Labtracks!

Explore the new world of the enchanting sounds of Labtracks with “Robotic Love / Submarine”— now closer to you than ever!

Written by Miguel Hizon Libre ( Soundscapes by Motionmigs )