Sunday 29th May : Line Up



Luciano & the Vagabundos march on Ibiza 2011...

Even Vagabundos need a place to call home and Cadenza is pleased to announce the return of Luciano and his merry men to Pacha, Ibiza. Their 2010 debut at the world’s most glamorous club, marked the return of Ibiza’s underground party spirit and this year Luciano and company are here to lead the party people to the promised land with a deeper, darker, wilder, version of the hedonistic Vagabundos vibe.

For 2011 the Cadenza cadre is putting Pacha in a spin to take the ethos of the Vagabundos to the next level. Every detail of design and production has been tweaked and freaked to turn the Vagabundos’ imagination into reality as they push the futuristic sound of Cadenza even closer to the edge.

Luciano is joined for summer 2011 by some of the hottest artists as they prepare to lead old friends and new believers on twisted musical adventures. Setting the standard is a dazzling array of Cadenza talent, hand-picked for their meteoric impact on the dance scene – think Reboot, Michel Cleis, Cesar Merveille, Alex Picone, Maayan Nidam, Ernesto Ferreyra, Mirko Loko, Robert Dietz, Dani Casarano and many more. Joining them is a select group of DJs whose names echo through the corridors of electronic music’s hall of fame including: Carl Craig, Stacey Pullen, Dixon, Kenny Larkin. Not to mention live acts like Dandy Jack, dOP, Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, The Mole, Isolée, and Frivolous.

As ever the Vagabundos bring close friends for exclusive sets, offering party people from far and near their only chance to see, Pépé Bradock, Daniel Bell, DJ Koze, Moodymann, Mathias Kaden, Larry Heard aka Mr Fingers in Ibiza this summer.

In 2010 Vagabundos invaded Ibiza and unleashed a party that recaptured the island spirit of sexy, magical, musical madness. This year the Vagabundos summer journey is going to be longer than ever.


Luciano & the Vagabundos march on Ibiza 2011.


Luciano - Reboot - Michel Cleis - Moodymann - Larry Heard AKA Mr Fingers - Pepe Bradock - dOP live - Dixon - Carl Craig - Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts live - Mirko Loko - Ernesto Ferreyra - Isolee live - Kenny Larkin - Cesar Merveille - Mathias Kaden - DJ Koze - Daniel Bell - Rhadoo - Tobi Neumann - Vincent Lemieux - Frivolous live - Martinez - Maayan Nidam - Robert Dietz - Mendo - Alex Picone - Stacey Pullen - The Mole live - Sety - Daniel Stefanik - Dandy Jack live - Argy - Lee Van Dowski - Mountain People - Felipe Venegas live - Stimming live - Dani Casarano - Digitaline live - Tolga Fidan live - Marc Antona - Andrea Oliva - Felipe Valenzuela