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Hey Everyone,
I love this mix so much. I was inspired by so many great artists such as Dinka, Brianbug, and some artist you may not be familiar with such as Namito and Arnej. Enrapture is dynamitic, fun, and very uplifting so I sincerely hope you all enjoy it!!!
Please leave feedback/comments- good or bad, I love to know what everyone thinks and I really value everyone’s input! If you like this mix or any of my others please feel free to share!!!

Vingretto-Vine - Bonkers
Defunct - Pingo Pongo (Noosh And Zoltan Kontes Remix)
Retroid feat. Pinar Aybar - Indirections (East Cafe's Abandoned Remix)
Adrian Funk - I Feel You
Waxdolls - Spoiled Rich Bitches (Pro 7 Remix)
Dinka - Native
Zedstar - Erotic Lady
Namito - Train To Tehran
BrainBug - Benedictus (Exitiale Mix)
Jose Zamora and Damian ft Paleday-Transatlantic (Andy Moor Remix)
Arnej - We Need Them