Tiari - Skull Bleacher EP

1. Tiari - Skull Bleacher (Original)
2. Tiari - Skull Bleacher (Memnok Remix)

Out Now on Der Traegerlose Hut!

This release features the original dark and thumping minimal track,
long awaited: Tiari - Skull Bleacher as well as a deep grooving
mental remix by Memnok.

The label DER traegerlose HUT (The digital sector of Der Hut [Berlin])
gives the digital techno crowd a “carrier-less” HUT quality of techno.
Beginning in the summer 2010. Its sound aesthetics are pushing,
focussed and tidy.... no compromise.

Also: Receive 2 FREE REMIXES by Daegon and Sakid vs Diipn Way with
purchase. Just send a screen shot of your sales receipt (or proof of purchase [as well as an
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