MIRABILIS 022: Dibby Dougherty and David Young - HYDRA ISLAND inc. remixes out now!

1. original island mix
2. dibby & david's oceanic six mix
3. cid inc remix
4. dimitri nakov's white isle remix
5. cylon rub

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Hydra Island by Dibby Dougherty/David Young on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download

Mirabilis Records celebrates its two years with a superb release from Irish finest Dibby Dougherty and David Young.
The guys go all warm and groovy with the 'Original Island Mix'. Driven by a hypnotic bass line and chord stabs, catchy vocal samples that instantly get into our head and cleverly programmed crispy percussion that gives extra energy to the track, this is definitely the one that will be heard all over summer!
The guys deliver a futuristic piece of music with their 'Oceanic Six Mix'.
Can you imagine like the deep and darker side of techno will sound in 2020? Check this one out and jump to the future! Futuristic indeed.
Cid Inc delivers one of his trademark sounding remixes: a perfect mixture between progressive and techno with just the right amount of heaviness. The groove builds up layer after layer and merges perfectly with the hypnotic bass line and rising synth lines. One for the big and dark rooms and equally suitable for the big summer festivals!
The Ibiza based Dimitri Nakov goes all deep and balearic with his properly entitled 'White Isle Remix'. Imagine the music you would like to hear on the beach while drinking your favorite long drink and warming up for the night and you will most surely not find a better soundtrack to that! The deep side of house as it should be.
Cylon's (aka Dj Meri) remix will take you effortlessly on a journey through deeper, atmospheric and driving tech house beats. Simple but effortless grooves overlaid by the pounding bass line, synth stabs and catchy vocal samples make this sound truly massive.
Overall a full package that we believe will make it's way into your sets on many occasions!


Hernan Cattaneo: Very good pack!

Nick Warren: Great mix from Cid Inc!

Dave Seaman: good package.

Marc Marzenit: Very good job on this EP

Henry Saiz: like it! will play thanks!

Jamie Stevens (Infusion): Holy crap, this is massive! Original is simply massive for the big moments but wtf is the Ocean Six remix?? jeeesus! Amazing work. Haven't been this excited listening to a promo for a long time! 150% support.

Egostereo: Nice one from Dibby :-) Dimitri Nakov is amazing as all the pack

Fergie: Sounding Nice!

Orde Meikle (Slam): nice EP- will try out thanx.

Kassey Voorn: great release guys, thanks.

Pole Folder: Nice release. Will try !

Miss Nine: cool package, original mix is the one! Thanks.

Mark Knight via Wesley S: COOL STUFF!!!

Hayden Storm (Fiord / Antix): dimitri for me, Cid Inc for the driving set.cheers

Lank: nice EP! like all of them, thanks.

Omid 16b: Im so proud of you man ...keep them coming

...and many more!

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