CP020: Michael Elliot - Lyria/Sun2Gold EP

Exclusive Beatport: 3rd June11'
Release date: 17th June 11'


Capite Music is back for summer with brand new release from Michael Elliot. This is a perfect one to warm you up after freezing winter.

There are two mixes : original and club. Let's start from the Original Mix. It's kinda chilly and releaxing. The piano chords give this one an intimate soul. When breakdown come in you can hear the seagulls fighting in the air, dreamy selection!

YouTube - ‪Michael Elliot - Lyria (Original Mix)‬‏

If you need more power, you shall find yourself within the Club Mix. More bounce, bigger kicks - all that sounds like a perfect selection for WMC.

YouTube - ‪Michael Elliot - Lyria (Club Mix)‬‏

The only remix for this one comes from Nivaya (as Nivaya's 2nd Side) & Tom8. This version seems to be more trancy and powerful! Awesome breakdown filled to its edge. If you like Mike Shiver's, Tritonal's productions - this one will be your newest favourite for summer!

YouTube - ‪Michael Elliot - Lyria (Nivaya's 2nd Side & Tom8 Remix)‬‏

The second track on the EP is called Sun2gold. Honestly speaking, the name fits the tune character in 100%. Groovy bassline with perfectly timed percussion stands for a good bouncer! The summer feeling is also present in that one, you must come through the breakdown to feel it.... and than? Perfect take off!

YouTube - ‪Michael Elliot - Sun 2 Gold (Original Mix)‬‏

This is one to follow up for everyone that loves feeling of progressive beats in summer.