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Andreas Schulz debuts on Macarize as Andycap with “Abzaro / Time”. The name Andycap actually comes from a wordplay between “Andreas” and “cap”-- and the reason is simple, Andreas loves to wear caps during his gigs! As the newest addition to Macarize, Andycap showcases his talents in putting out only the finest blend of summer-inspired progressive house!

Jump-starting the release with head-nodding melodies, “Abzaro” comes in as the first track. If you are a fan of EDX, you will definitely enjoy the sound of “Abzaro”. Next is “Time”-- a slick summer soundtrack that Andycap has made during winter to warm things up. Expect irresistible body-moving grooves and good vibes from this one!

Andycap’s debut on Macarize “Abzaro / Time” just tells us two things: the talented Andreas Schulz from Stockholm, Sweden is here, and he will be responsible for more wonders on Macarize in the near future!

Artist: Andycap
Title: Abzaro / Time
Release date: June 6th, 2011

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