Funktion Music Recordings is proud to present the new stylish lounge project on the musical horizon called "Day Break". The group was conceived by Alexander (guitar) and Storm (bass) from Mind Trips with Desi (vocals) from Planet Magic Life.

The idea of musicians of "Day Break" is to create original Bulgarian music, relentless quality of western productions.The first EP of "Day Break" for FMR is called "After Raining". On the originals, the band has worked with pianist and composer Tsvetan Chobanov (Ruth Soldzha, Beloslava etc.) Musical experience underlying this EP, it carries the feeling of sultry summer afternoon, charge of fresh spring morning, the mood of the nightlife of the city and relaxing feeling, typical of lounge music.
Funktion Music Recordings release two singles "After Raining" and "All" with a diverse set of remixes including Varna producer and part of the "Seaside Project" - EVG,, Angel D, better known among the community as a guitarist in various projects (Freestyle, Rubikub, Kalin Veliov), and remixes of popular Bulgarian DJ and producer - Stephan Panev.

PROMO OUT 15 June 2011

Day Break - After Raining EP - - Download Underground House and Electronic Music in WAV and MP3 format


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